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December 8, 2007 at 12:21 pm 3 comments

Home, Sweet Home

Seared Tofu with Spinach, Peas, Walnuts, Plain Yogurt and Caraway over Brown Rice


SO glad to be back!! No more traveling for a while. I’m all decked out in sweats, listening to Christmas music with candles lit 😎

Let me start by saying I have the BEST husband. He’s off at an event right now, but I came home to all the laundry done and folded and a clean house ❤ (And a freezer full of homemade chicken stock in all of our little tupperwares…..strange)


We boarded the plane (delay free!) at 4:30. I was a little hungry and decided to finish my raisins and see how I felt. I love raisins! They took the edge off of my hunger for the flight. I can’t believe I didn’t need a more substantial afternoon snack, but perhaps the hot tea with skim milk contributed. I was getting pretty hungry toward the end of the flight, but I knew dinner was next, so I decided I’d rather wait and have a nice dinner than eat some bar at 6:00.


My plan was to go to my favorite grocery store for a salad, but I really just wanted to go home, so I tried to think of things to make. I wanted shrimp, but I didn’t feel like peeling them and having cold hands, so I settled on tofu!

I had a virgin tonic + lime while I cooked 😀


I pulled this dinner together in a flash using some of our quick staples: pantry tofu, microwaveable rice, and frozen peas.

This is my favorite kind of tofu – it comes in a nice carton that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, which is nice to always have some on hand. It’s 200 calories for the whole box (I had half). It’s also got that nice jiggly texture that I like in tofu. I don’t like it when it’s firm and grainy.


So first I wrapped it in paper towels to drain some of the moisture. I probably should have done it longer than 5 minutes, but I was inpatient!


Then I put it in a bowl and weighted it with pots:


Then I cut it in cubes and seared it in 1/2 a tsp of EVOO.

Success Rice has these new microwavable cups of rice. 170 calories for a portion. This was great in a pinch, but I’d give the flavor a C+. It was dry and tasted chemically. I much prefer my Lindberg Short Grain Brown!


After searing the tofu, I cooked the peas in some caraway seed and then wilted the baby spinach. It’s served over the rice and topped with plain yogurt and walnuts. The dish was on the bland side because I was too lazy to add seasonings and think about what I was in the mood for. Looking back, this would have been GREAT if I’d mixed the yogurt with some mustard and dill and made a dressing/sauce to toss it all in. Oh well!



And don’t forget dessert! I swiped this from the client’s today:


Dinner calories: ~500

My stomach doesn’t feel very satisfied, but I think I just ate too fast.

I’m off to soak in Epsom Salts (my shoulders and back are killing me after all this travel and carrying around my heavy computer).

Then I’m getting in bed. I’ve been up since 4 this morning – sleep is calling!


December 7, 2007 at 8:08 pm 1 comment

Greetings From Philly!

I’m in the airport, another $7.99 contributed to the wireless internet bank account! Flight this morning went well, and our client presentation went very well.


Started the day at 4:00 a.m. and was at the airport and through security by 5:30. I stopped in Starbucks for my latte = long line.


For breakfast I packed a PB + Banana + Honey portable sandwich.



It was great and although I was skeptical it would fill me up, I think in combo with the latte, it worked. I had this at 5:30 and we didn’t eat lunch until 12 and I was just getting hungry around that time. I did have a snack…see below.


Breakfast calories: ~450.  


I had some seltzer on the plane – no photo. It was boring. And half a mini box of raisins to tide my hunger around 9:30. I wasn’t really hungry, but worried I wouldn’t make it to lunch. I’m reading the book “Eating Well For Optimal Health” by Dr. Weil. It seems to be a great overview of nutrition, health, and wellness. I’ll give you updates as I make it through the chapters! I was reading about the glycemic index and noted that raisins have a GI of only 6, which is REALLY low. So I thought they’d make a good snack and they did!



Apologies in advance. No photos. This was my first ever meeting with this client and we were all eating at a small table – I just didn’t feel comfortable pulling out my camera and telling them about the blog (which I usually have to do to explain myself – normally I like sharing, but this was a bit inappropriate). So here’s what I had:

Panera Bread Catering – thank GOODNESS it was something I liked!!

Half a Sierra Turkey sandwich. It had very minimal of the mayo they put on and no cheese. Seemed like a better choice than tuna salad (onions + full-fat mayo) and ham and cheese (more fat, cheese), plus I like turkey! I knew the sandwhich would be about 400 calories because I’m familiar with Panera’s nutritional stats, but 480!? For half! Damn! Turkey is pretty low-cal, so that means it was 400 calories worth of bread. I knew it would be high, but not that high. Oh well – it was yummy!

Had two generous portions of salad with cucumber, tomato, lettuce and a drizzle of balsamic. I tried to eat as many veggies as I could. Plus 2 pickles!

Lastly, I had 1/3 of an oatmeal cookie. It took all the willpower in the WORLD to not eating the whole thing. I wanted to eat 25% and ended up with 1/3. Ok with me! My client said I should eat 2 cookies because I was “thin enough to handle them.” I told him I was thin because I didn’t eat cookies!

I skipped the chips, the delicious looking baguette, and the 6 other kinds of cookies. Drool! It took a long time for my stomach to realize it had been fed. I wanted to keep eating, but knew I’d had enough. Finally, about an hour later, hunger went away. I wish I’d been able to have 1/2 that sandwich and a yogurt instead!

I thought I did pretty well, all things considered. Had I gotten a good workout in today, lunch would be no problem, but on a rest day it was a big high. Shouldn’t have eaten the cookie, but it’s a special occasion!

Lunch calories: ~670


At the airport now and had a hot tea with a touch of skim milk.


I’ll probably have the other half of my raisins and a bar or some almonds in an hour or so. Not sure about dinner yet. I want to go to my favorite salad bar, but I might be better off finding something at home. We’ll see! Let’s hope my flight is on-time….

See you later!


December 7, 2007 at 3:07 pm 11 comments

Off to Philly

I’m  headed to Philly and back today! I’ll post a whole day’s recap tonight – that is if my plane isn’t delayed until tomorrow or something crazy!

See you all then, and wish me luck making good choices in airports and restaurants!


December 7, 2007 at 4:44 am 12 comments

Too Many Veggies (and a Domain Crisis)

Sorry for the domain issues. I’m doing the best I can and am new to the hidden alleys of the internet! I hope to have it all sorted out this weekend. The domain is switching back to hear and KathEats.com should be active again sometime tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was great – but there were too many choices!!! Lots of good veggies, soup, and delicious looking pitas.

I’ll start with the whole spread:


A REALLY good pita that the thing said was 400 calories. I don’t believe it. I ate 60% of it. It was fabulous, but didn’t taste any different than the wheat pitas I get that are 200 calories for the whole thing. Hard to guess who is right here, but I settled for 175. I had two bites of the pasta on the side. It was bland.




Chili. I ate about 40% of this.


Okra and tomatoes:


Side salad with sunflower seeds, raisins, mushrooms, and broccoli.


And two bites of apple cobbler:


Total dinner calories: ~580

Off to Philly!

See you late tomorrow night.

December 6, 2007 at 8:41 pm 6 comments


OK, I may have screwed my domain name with this host switch. I just found out that if I switch hosts, I’ll have to manually upload all of my photos, which would mean I’m not doing it because that would take years. If the KathEats.com domain does anything weird, I will still be blogging here at http://Katheatsrealfood.wordpress.com. So use that until I get this all figured out! Ugh!!

December 6, 2007 at 3:49 pm 1 comment

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!

LOVED this lunch. It was almost too much food – I kept having new things to eat! But it was delicious and filling. Hopefully it’ll last me through 5:00 when I have my early dinner, but if not, I’ve got a half portion of oatmeal planned.

Tuna salad with carrots, celery, mustard, and tons of red curry powder:


Spinach salad with pom and spaghetti squash, topped with quality balsamic vinegar:


2 clementines





December 6, 2007 at 1:52 pm 11 comments

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